9TechNIX is a Landmark For All Your Needs

9TechNIX is an IT Solution that helps its candidates with the right job opportunities. It’s a landmark for catering to its clients’ overall needs. Also provided by up-skilling, right skilling for the candidates starting from IT training to IT Staffing. We are placing the expert candidate to best fit any client’s requirements.

Our Services

IT solutions

Providing software for businesses and their needs is our bread and butter. As a team of highly trained IT consultants, we will be able to provide customized IT solutions for your business.


We provide IT training to freshers to the best of their abilities and make them ready for our clients. IT skills constantly evolve and it is important for modern workers to stay on top of all the changes. To that end, we provide specialized IT training.


We provide US staffing for larger companies as well. If you are running low on IT personnel and can’t afford to have someone full-time, then you can contact us for highly trained staff who will support you with their skill and expertise.


Providing IT staffing services to companies by providing them with talented candidates for the required position.

IBM Mainframes:

If your business requires immense computing power, then you need to tap into the vast strength of IBM mainframes. 9techNIX can provide you with staff and IT solutions that are well-versed in mainframe computing principles.

Amazon Web Services

The cloud is the next big thing in the world of technology, and businesses worldwide are exploiting the returns to scale that are freely available. We can also provide you with customized AWS services designed to suit your business’ operations.

Big Data

Data analytics and data generation is one of the hallmarks of businesses in the 21st century. We can also provide you with customized and proprietary big data services that you can leverage to improve your performance and bottom line.


Python is a multifaceted tool that can be used for all kinds of purposes - such as big data, web development, software development, and more. We have in-house Python experts who can create solutions specially customized for your business’ needs.


DevOps is a new paradigm in software development that is concerned with shortening the software development life cycle. At 9techNIX, our expert DevOps engineers will be able to implement specialized solutions for all of your varying needs. Drop us an email today if you want to find out more about the specialized services we offer!


A company flourishes when they have the right team & proves to be just the right bridge between companies and their candidates.

Great team, great efforts, super work-oriented. it was great working with them.

We had a wonderful experience with 9TechNIX. They are hardworking and dedicated people. Looking forward to working with them for a long time.

9TechNIX absolutely delivered what they promised. So easy to work with.

Had an extremely great experience with 9TechNIX. Everything about them is really impressive and appreciative. Their work ethic is on point. What commitment towards their passion.

9TechNIX is a group of talented people. They’re so hardworking, it’s great to see a team who prioritizes their clients’ needs above all.

Our Customers

Our Vision & Mission


9TechNIX intends to be at the top by helping its applicants find the best companies with an all-around package. 9TechNIX is the pioneer entity that always stands at the top in helping customers
and clients.


9TechNIX aims to help applicants with the best IT staffing by providing them with the perfect fit. It believes that if you have the right skill, you can make it big in today’s World. You just have to be open to learning. That’s why it covers all the needs of its clients, from Training them to finding them their dream job.

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